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Patient Workflow Management System

e-Intake™ is a patient workflow management tool that facilitates patient hand-offs from various contact points to an organization’s New Patient Coordinator (NPC). One central queue is created for multiple points of entry into an organization.
NPCs can capture all data relevant to the coordination of a patient visit in one electronic location while standardizing the process.

The e-Intake™ system is organized into five dashboards

The e-Intake
system is organized
into five dashboards

  • New Patient Coordinator (NPC)
  • Intake
  • Nursing
  • Document
  • Analytics/Reports
New Patient Coordinator Dashboard

New Patient Coordinator Dashboard

The New Patient Coordinator (NPC) Dashboard allows you to bring the various points of contact into a single message queue for messages to be centrally managed. These points of contact may be web referrals, emails, call center contacts or direct calls to you. The NPC is able to quickly triage the various messages that come in from these different sources and convert them into prospective new patients for your organization.

Intake Dashboard

Intake Dashboard

Intake Dashboard converts patients who have been successfully triaged in the NPC dashboard into an intake and manages your organization’s workflow for converting prospective new patients into patients thus ensuring a successful first visit. This includes the management of the prospective patient’s insurance status, appointment status, nursing status and the tracking and management of any document required for the initial visit, and communication with the nursing and other departments, if required.

Nursing Dashboard

Nursing Dashboard

For patients requiring additional triage by your nursing staff prior to their first visit, the Nursing Dashboard provides a platform for tracking and managing all communications between your organization’s nursing staff and prospective new patients. It includes the management of calls between the nursing staff and the patient to patient representative. Your nursing staff is able to verify and update information collected from patients by the New Patient Coordinator.

Document Dashboard

Document Dashboard

The Document Dashboard provides a platform to request, track, and mange all external documents necessary to ensure a successful first visit. This may include slides, medical reports or radiology CDs/film/x-rays.

Analytics/Reports Dashboard

Analytics/Reports Dashboard

The system provides an analytic dashboard to manage and measure the performance of the various processes and your organization’s staff. Real time reports are available to management to see how an individual area of the organization or a cluster of departments is performing. Metrics can be leveraged to identify areas where additional resources are required in order to improve performance and patient satisfaction.

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Tools for today’s competitive environment


e-Packet™ is a tool that provides for the electronic delivery of your organization’s marketing and promotional collateral, such as brochures, flyers and other relevant information. The materials are emailed as attachments or as links embedded in an email that can be monitored to ensure patient’s are actually downloading documents.


In today’s competitive environment it is critical that referring physicians find it easy to do business with your organization. e-Referral provides a portal to referring physicians that is easy to use and connects them with your organization for convenient two-way communication.

HL-7 Gateway

The Mulberry Systems’ HL7 Gateway/Bridge Server enables data communication between your Clinical Information System (HIS, EMR, CIS) and any other application that implements the HL7 messaging interface or that is capable of communicated using SOAP and Web Services.

Mulberry Systems, Inc. Services

The ability to satisfy and retain patients will keep your practice in business for many years to come. Our call center and call center support services are designed to enhance your ability to attract new patients and maintain the ones you already have. We offer the following services:

Document Management

The Document Management service handles the research, tracking and retrieval of documents to facilitate the patient’s first visit.

Office Hour Call Management

Prevent long hold times, repeat calls, busy signals and a full voicemail box while you and your staff are caring for patients.

 Reminder / Scheduling

Mulberry Systems, Inc.’s appointment reminder will provide an automatic, friendly, HIPAA-compliant service to your patients.


Mulberry Systems, Inc. gives health care professionals the peace of mind when their patients call after hours – at night, weekend or holidays, our Health Coordinators are there for them.


Patient communication is an important aspect of maintaining a positive relationship with your patients thus translating into high retention.


Contact with your patients, goes a long way with your patients, whether the news is good or bad. Mulberry Systems, Inc. has the solution for private messaging!

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